3 Ways to Ensure You Have Money Left in the Last Week of the Month

We all know that when we look in our bank accounts during the week approaching pay day, it’s more than likely that a few moths will fly out. Let’s face it, nobody has a lot of money in the current economic climate of austerity, and for hard-working people, it’s commonplace to have no money left in the last week of the month. Despite this common phenomenon, it isn’t inevitable. There are a number of straightforward ways to generate some extra income to ensure that when the last week of the month comes around, you’ll have plenty of money left to enjoy yourself – or at least to help you get over the stress.


Invest Your Money To Make It Work for You

This is the first moneymaking point on this list for a single reason: that it’s high reward, high risk. Financial trading is not something to be taken lightly. It’s difficult to make profits because there’s such a high barrier to entry. Different forms of investment have different benefits, of course. If you want the safest form of investment (though by no means failsafe), you should purchase property. Of course, there’s a high entry point with this, as mortgages and deposits are not particularly affordable, despite the government’s Help to Buy scheme. Another form of investment that has a lower barrier to entry is currency investing – or foreign exchange, where the object of the game is to convert an amount of money in one currency to another, capitalizing on the exchange rate. ECN Traders who use this method can start from only $200 – but as with stocks and shares, the risks are high stakes.


Structure Your Bank Account(s) So It’s Clear Where You Stand (Financially)

It’s true that you can generate more funds through investing your money and making it work for you, but unfortunately, if you don’t have a well-organized bank account, you’ll be losing money without even knowing it. This is the financial equivalent to being captain of a pirate ship that has an assortment of heavy canons, but also has a severe leak in the hull. Ultimately, what you should be aiming for is a tidy bank account, with a single debit account and a single savings account. Ensure that all your direct debits enter and leave your accounts in the first couple of days of the month, and that if you own a credit card, you don’t forget to pay the bill – charges accrue quickly. 


Create a Side Business/Project

A side income is essential if you want to have money left over at the end of the month. A good way to do this is to take one of your passions – be it jewelry or crafts – and to monetize it by selling your items on an online store. Thanks to sites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy, anybody can become the next Alan Sugar, so if you have a little self-belief, you can make a decent side income.


Ultimately, if you follow some of the above tips, you could find that the week before payday isn’t so difficult after all. 


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