5 Great Places to Travel to In Europe.

They g? ?nt? th? identity ?f ? city th?t m?k?s ?t unique, ?nd th?t uniqueness ?s n?t f?und ?ust ?n th?s? places th?t m?k? ?t famous but ?n th? streets ?nd venues wh?r? th? locals inhabit.


London: ? great walking city, mu?h ?f London ??n b? s??n b? keeping ?n close proximity t? th? Thames. ??m? t? f?ur W?rld Heritage Sites, London’s charm ?s ?ts ?m??rt?nt historical sites, su?h ?s ?h? Tower ?f London, wh?s? history g??s b??k ?lm?st 1000 years, t? upriver t? Big Ben, Westminster Abbey (?v?r 1000 years ?n history), ?nd Buckingham Palace ?n th? City ?f Westminster. ????us? th? city street patterns h?v? n?t changed mu?h ?n centuries, th?r? ?s qu?t? ? haphazard w?? th?? ?r? laid ?ut. ?ut th?t ?s ??rt ?f th? charm ?n walking th?s city, ?nd th? extensive Underground Tube system ?s ??rh??s th? best mass transit system ?n ?n? city ?n Europe, providing ??u ? break ?f ??u ??n walk n? furth?r. ?h? second great aspect ?f London making ?t ?n? ?f th? great places t? travel ?s ?ts large theater district, ?n? ?f th? largest ?f ?n? city ?n th? world.


Paris: ?h?s city ?bv??usl? h?s m?n? charms, but t? m? th? greatest asset wh??h m?k?s th?s ?n? ?f th? best places t? visit ?n Europe ?s th? architecture, thus making th?s th? best walking city, ?v?n topping London. ???? close t? th? Seine, th?n ?t th? Eiffel Tower walk ?n th? direction ?f th? main street ?f Paris ?nd th? Arch ?f Triumph, ?nd ??u will witness s?m? ?f th? greatest architecture anywhere.


Vienna: ?n? ?f th? great places t? visit f?r th? music ?s Vienna. Y?u ??n experience mu?h ?f th?s great city b? walking, fr?m th? area ?r?und St. Stephan’s Cathedral t? th? ?ld palace area. ?h?r? ?r? m?n? concert venues t? b? f?und, ?lus multiple great museums making Vienna ? great place t? travel f?r ?ts culture.


Amsterdam: ??m?l?r t? Venice, Amsterdam’s charm ?s ?n ?ts canals. ?h? city ?s virtually ? web ?f canals, ?nd th?r? ?s ? boat ?f ?v?r? size ?r shape, ?nd f?r ?n? occasion ??u m?? h?v?. ?h? downtown area ?s ? place ?f great Dutch charm, but th? waterways ?r? r??ll? wh?t m?k? th?s ?n? ?f th? great places t? travel. ?ls?, ?s w?th ?ll large European cities, ? great amount ?f culture ??n b? f?und ?n th? form ?f museums ?f th? great Amsterdam artists, ?m?ng th?m Van Gogh ?nd Rembrandt.


Barcelona: ?h?s city w?th th? small town feel but th? progressive attitude ?s r??ll? ? hidden gem wh?n l??k?ng f?r th? best places t? visit ?n Europe. Situated ?n th? Mediterranean Sea ?n hilly terrain th?t g?v?s ?t character, th?s second city ?n Spain g?v?s th? attitude th?t ?t ??n provide ?n?th?ng th?t th? great cities ?f Europe ??n provide, but st?ll g?v?s ?ff th? feel ?f ? smaller metro area. F?r food, ??u r??ll? must experience th? Tapas Restaurants.

This ?s ?bv??usl? ?ust ? small sample ?f th? great places t? travel ?n Europe, but ?v?r? ?n? ?f th?s? places offers ? r?th?r unique trait th?t m?k? ?t special fr?m ?th?r places. ?f ??u ?r? contemplating ? trip t? Europe s??n, w? hope ??u will tr? t? t?k? ?n ?n? ?r m?r? ?f th?s? remarkable places.



  1. John | Married (with Debt) says

    I can vouch for London. Headed to Paris this summer – glad to hear it’s a walking city. Getting pretty excited.

  2. says

    Marissa, I’ve been to London, Paris and Barcelona and I love Barcelona. I went in July of 2003. It was warm and beautiful, especially along the beach. The beach had a lot of seaside cafes with excellent food. It also had a variety of suntanners including naked ones. A bit embarrasing. I would go back to Barcelona in a heart beat.


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