5 Ways to be Frugal without Being a Cheapskate

There is a huge difference between being cheap and frugal.  I have seen friends that when splitting the bill constantly short their share or do not buy rounds of drinks when it is their turn, yet are still taking part in events, are cheap.  If you were frugal you would avoid attending.  Save face and not be a cheapskate. Some people are willing to pay their bills late before they admit to being broke and looking bad. Ever asked, how long do late payments stay on credit report?, well let me just tell you, far too long! Here are a few ways to be frugal without being a total cheapskate.

Eat Out Less, but Make Sure You Still Tip

One of the first places to remove unnecessary spending is to reduce restaurant and bar expenses.  Sure it is hard to remove going out altogether, but start small and eat at home but get appetizers out, you will save a huge portion of your bill.  Just because you are reducing your bill, servers make money on waiting on you, so for the service they provide, make sure you are tipping 20% of the total bill.

Buy High Quality Large Items

Although you may spend more money up front, when you can afford a new big-ticket item, purchase the premium product that will outlast the off-brand, and impress in the meantime.  Your Weber grill may cost $800 up front, but you will buy two or three cheap brands to last just as long, plus why would you not want to have a Weber.

Cut the Cord, but Do Not Skimp on Internet

Sure you may be wasting money on cable when you can get an HD antenna for local channels and Netflix and Hulu for the shows and movies you would like to watch, but nothing is worse than the constant buffering while trying to watch, so make sure if you are cancelling cable that you opt for the higher grade internet.

Drive a Used Car, but Not a Beater

No one says you have to drive a brand new car, let alone buy one over leasing, they are just ridiculously priced, so a perfectly good used car is fine, just make sure it’s clean and safe not only for you, but also your passengers, otherwise you will be traveling alone.

Grocery Shop during the Week

If you want the best deals and an empty store to yourself while trying to shop, try going after dinner Tue-Thu.  Stores already know they will have guaranteed business Fri-Sun so why put anything on sale during then, and let the diehards save some cash.



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