Travel on a budget – Even more you need to know!

Who doesn’t love to go on vacation? And in this day and age who wouldn’t want to have the most relaxing and luxurious time at the minimum cost? We’ve all gotten advice on how to get the cheapest airfare, the best accommodation and finest dining at the lowest price, and how to sight-see at no cost. Here are some extra tips on how to travel in style while on a budget:


  1. Make nature your traveling companion – Instead of cosmopolitan destinations consider treating yourself to a stay at a national park or natural monument. A single trip to Sports Authority can be your one time investment in camping equipment that will pay dividends for years to come. Get yourself a great tent and a comfy sleeping bag, hiking and water shoes and enjoy nights by a fire under the stars and walks in clear rivers and under majestic waterfalls.


  1. Be a road warrior – Who says that to travel you need to have a place to stay? Trail mix was made for the trailblazers! Get yourself to the wilderness you want to explore and grab a discount rental from Fox Rent a Car. Stock up on cheap and healthy road food like nuts and dried fruit, fill the trunk with drinking water and find out who you are on the open road.


  1. Treasure the memories – The pace of modern life doesn’t let most of us escape as often as we would like. But with the money you save budget traveling you can treat yourself to something that will make the entire year feel like a vacation. Document your travels in photographs, then head over to Shutterfly and make them into a keepsake you can look to all year round to remind you of the amazing adventure that you had and inspire you to budget for the next one!

Are You Financially Ready To Have A Baby? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself.

Having a baby, and starting a family can be an exciting time in your life. However, bringing a little one into this world can be challenging, both emotionally and especially financially. There’s no getting around it: having a baby is expensive, and if you’re considering whether you’re ready for a commitment of this sort, it may be worth while taking some time out to figure out if you’re financially ready to have a baby. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before deciding to have a baby that’ll hopefully help you make the right decision.


1. Do you have at least $5,000 to $10,000 in the bank?

Having a baby requires some initial investment in the form of prams, cots, furniture, clothes, car seats, and so on. That’s why it’s important that you have some substantial savings in your account to pay for these baby must haves.

2. Do you have substantial debt(s) against your name?

Being in debt whilst trying to start a new family can only add to the pressure and strain you’ll no doubt feel in those first couple of years. That’s why it’s important to get out of debt before deciding to have a family. Make sure you do everything you can do get out of debt ASAP. If you have multiple credit cards against your name, speak to the experts at Fox Symes about debt consolidation. With a little help from the
FSA Group you can combine all of your debt repayments into the one, saving you money and helping you keep track of your debt repayments at the same time.

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With summer winding to an end, there is no better time to take advantage of cheap travel rates. Hotels, airlines, and other players in the travel industry are feeling the post-Summer slump and are looking for ways to encourage travel. Here are a few venues to explore when looking for some extra savings on your fall travels.


One of the industries that is hit the hardest by the close of vacation season is the cruise liners. With kids being back in school, cruises in the fall make for great couples’ getaways. Many cruise liners will drop hundreds of dollars at least from the normal fare in order to ensure a full ship. Another cheap way to get cruise fare is by booking a repositioning cruise where the liner is moving from one port to another for the change of the season usually.

Amusement Parks

If you have children another great vacation spot is somewhere known for its amusement parks. In recent years, they have been struggling and slashing prices. Additionally, fall marks a slow season for amusement parks so tickets can be acquired at a fraction of the price. If the parks are located near beaches, they typically close for the winter time so fall is the last opportunity to bring people in to the parks.

The Caribbean and Mexico

The busy season in North America and Europe for travel is fall so it is usually the case that places like Mexico and the Caribbean are hurting for tourists to come. Since this is the norm year over year, fall makes for a great time to visit a beach in Mexico or the Caribbean. History shows that vacation packages can drop as much as 60% during these times of the year. Chances are almost any tropical location that you would like to visit will offer steep discounts.

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