With summer winding to an end, there is no better time to take advantage of cheap travel rates. Hotels, airlines, and other players in the travel industry are feeling the post-Summer slump and are looking for ways to encourage travel. Here are a few venues to explore when looking for some extra savings on your fall travels.


One of the industries that is hit the hardest by the close of vacation season is the cruise liners. With kids being back in school, cruises in the fall make for great couples’ getaways. Many cruise liners will drop hundreds of dollars at least from the normal fare in order to ensure a full ship. Another cheap way to get cruise fare is by booking a repositioning cruise where the liner is moving from one port to another for the change of the season usually.

Amusement Parks

If you have children another great vacation spot is somewhere known for its amusement parks. In recent years, they have been struggling and slashing prices. Additionally, fall marks a slow season for amusement parks so tickets can be acquired at a fraction of the price. If the parks are located near beaches, they typically close for the winter time so fall is the last opportunity to bring people in to the parks.

The Caribbean and Mexico

The busy season in North America and Europe for travel is fall so it is usually the case that places like Mexico and the Caribbean are hurting for tourists to come. Since this is the norm year over year, fall makes for a great time to visit a beach in Mexico or the Caribbean. History shows that vacation packages can drop as much as 60% during these times of the year. Chances are almost any tropical location that you would like to visit will offer steep discounts.

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It seems that every decade or so there is a change in the trend of where the young workforce of America chooses to live. If you are in the hunt for a new place to live, you may too be wondering if the suburbs or city is best for you. Below are a few points to consider when trying to decide what part of town to live in.

Perks of living in the suburbs


1. More for your Money

Perhaps the biggest benefit of living in the suburbs versus the city is the ability to find yourself more square footage for far less money. Additionally, houses in the suburbs often come with land in addition to square footage inside your house.  This creates a lot of potential for a family as well as other hobbies or dreams that you may have for your home.

2. More Options, Less Demand

Because of the mere lack of space in most cities, your options are limited. Finding the perfect home is much more difficult when your options are limited. Not only that, but often times the homes that you will find in the city are far older than some of the new developments that come with being in the suburbs. With that being said, many of these new developments offer the chance for you to have a lot of say in the building of your home. This means that you can have a relatively custom home for a reasonable price.

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Can you Live Without Cable? Ways to Watch your Favorite Shows for Free

With the rates as high as they are it is getting more and more difficult to justify continuing to pay monthly bills for cable service. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to trim your personal budget is by simply cancelling your cable provider subscription. Believe it or not there are plenty of things to fill your time outside of watching TV, but if you can’t imagine this world, here are a few simple ways to continue watching your favorite shows without breaking the bank.

Step 1

Perhaps the simplest solution to receiving a large number of channels is by hooking up an antenna to your TV. With recent technology, all of the channels that come through on the antenna are in high digital quality. This is especially true if you live in or near a large city. A list of local channels that will come through high quality with an antenna can be found online. The antennas that are sold these days are not nearly as sensitive as they were in the past and a clear channel can come in with relatively little positioning of the antenna.

Step 2

The Internet makes watching TV easier than ever. If you already have a high speed internet connection, which you most likely do, you can use this to route TV shows to your TV. The internet offers a wide variety of shows free of charge that will make you questions why you ever paid for cable in the first place.


Step 3

A good alternative to cable is going the satellite route. Although it is true that this option does still cost money, the fact of the matter is that it can come at a fraction of the price of cable TV. Not only that, but they are much more ethical in the terms that they offer and allow you to lock in rates for sometimes more than a year. Additionally, you are able to pick and choose packages that are in line with what you are most likely to view. Therefore, you are not stuck with hundreds of channels that you have no interest in watching.

Step 4

Once again the Internet comes to the rescue. This time it is at a price, but one that is far more reasonable that paying for TV service. If you have not already checked out paid subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Hulu, it is definitely worth the research. For less than $10 a month either of these paid subscriptions give you unlimited access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies.

When you have multiple options at your disposal, you are not stuck paying for high cost utilities such as cable. Cable companies previously had a monopoly on the market but with the advent of the Internet, they are no longer able to charge high rates for seemingly low quality service. This is true with many services today. If you are unhappy with a product or service, chances are there is a competitor out there that is more than willing to meet your needs as a better price.