Tools that make Personal Finance easy

Innovation in the 21st century does not stop with personal finance. With the help of new tools and applications, it is now easier than ever to keep your personal finances in order. The ease and efficiency with which many of these new tools operate allow users to worry less about the complexities of personal finance while still sticking to their goals. If you are hesitant to try new products and technology you are depriving yourself of some really great tools that can help you save time and money.

  1. For Your Credit Score: A new tool from now makes it very easy to monitor your credit in real time. Many similar services are offered by corporations such as Equifax and Experian at a high price. This service however is free through With this service you will be notified of any significant changes to your credit. You still are responsible for taking the action to dispute your credit file if the need arises.
  2. Banking without the Headache: If you are tired of the hassle and high cost of banking with a traditional brick and mortar bank, perhaps it is time to consider the online banking option. Not only do you forego the ridiculous fees that are typical of traditional banks, but you also receive the ease and convenience of doing your banking from the comfort of your home. Simple is an example of one of these banks. As is always the case, do you research before placing your money in someone else’s hands.
  3. Quick and Easy Bill Pay: Long over are the days of paper bills and fees from forgetting to pay your water bill. If you find yourself with a handful of bills and can’t seem to keep them all in order, perhaps you should try This is a free tool that acts as a personal assistant by collecting and organizing your bills into one simple place. You can even set up digital reminders that allow you to be reminded via email or text when a bill is due. Not only that but you can give the environment a break by eliminating the paper waste associated with mailed bills.
  4. Simplifying Expense Reports: If you find yourself on the road frequently for a business, there is a great app that tracks your expenses. This tool allows for the import of expenses from your bank and credit card statements. No longer do you need to keep track of receipts either. The app allows you to capture an image of your receipt and save it to your digital expense report. Expensify offers a premium account that offers even more handy tools for simplifying your travels.

By incorporating even a few of these tools into your lives, you can begin to benefit from the advancements in technology. Before buying into any product or turning over sensitive information, make sure that your information is protected and that you are knowledgeable of any terms and conditions.

What is Wave Accounting?

This is the first in the ongoing series on finance software. I really like Wave Accounting and feel that everyone should try it.

Wave accounting began in November of 2010, and has begun to grow since with thousands of new small businesses signing up monthly. If you are unfamiliar of exactly what wave accounting is and how it can be beneficial to your small business this article takes and in depth look into Wave Accounting.


So what is Wave Accounting?

Wave accounting is a free to use accounting application that was created specifically for the small business owner. When you are a small business owner it can be too expensive to hire an accountant to handle all the tedious tasks of paperwork and making sure everything is in order. However it can also seem difficult and time consuming for you to do it yourself. That is where the beauty of wave accounting comes into play. With wave accounting it handles all this work for you. Just think of no more entering data, no extra time used. All of your purchases and income can be tracked with the wave accounting application. Instead of typing everything into your account over and over again you can enter in the information once, and have the transactions imported into Wave accounting safely and automatically.  All your expenses are also categorized and itemized by wave accounting for you.

This is not to say that you can not use Wave for setting and maintaining a budget for individuals rather than businesses. It is robust enough for a  business, yet simple enough to personal finances.

What is the best benefit of Wave Accounting?

Wave accounting is absolutely free! All of this work done for you and free of charge, you cannot ask for anything better. You may wonder how wave accounting as great as a program it is can be absolutely free, well the secret is really no secret at all. Advertising is the key element in the free program. When you log into your wave account you will see special deals from many advertisers listed. These deals can help you save money when you may need to make a purchase with your business as well. So they not only help you to save money by supplying you with a free service to help with your accounting needs, but also help you to save money on many purchases you may make with your business anyways.


Now you may be wondering what the disadvantages to this program are.

There are no merchant accounts with this software, as well as any time tracking or time sheets available as well. Sometimes the categorizing of invoices can be difficult, as you cannot import your customer or vendor records into Wave Accounting.


Wave Accounting is a new company and new program. There are a lot of advantages to the software such as the free price tag, quick entry available, and double enter accounting. However remember with any new program it can only get better in the future when more issues are worked out, tweaked and fixed. Since wave accounting is free it definitely doesn’t hurt your wallet to give it a try and see how you like it. You may actually be surprised by the results.