CFD Trading For People Scared of Investment

People who are scared of investment have different sources for their worry. Some people have a lot to lose. They don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, a financial buffer between themselves and the harsh realities of life. Others might be in a better financial position, just lacking knowledge about how investment works. Still others might not trust the solidity of the long term investment environment. Some people see the financial entities which underlay long term investments almost like fault lines in California. They know that something is going to go wrong SOME DAY, and they want to make sure they’re not deeply invested when it does.


I’m not here to say that these are unreasonable fears. No one says that investment is without risk. But you’ve got to accept a little risk in order to get a reward. Long term investments, like ETFs, tend to take a long time to pay off. They don’t have the high risk of some shorter investments, but it’s a risk that’s spread out over a long period of time, sometimes decades. 30 years is a long time to hope that nothing goes wrong, so shorter term investments work better for a certain kind of investor. What I want to demonstrate is how CFD trading can help allay all three worries mentioned in the first paragraph.

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7 Finance Facts You Never Knew

If you think that the world of finance is rather dry and boring, think again! 

Here are a few incredible facts provided by organisations such as and others:

1.    the word loan goes back to Middle English and the 13th century. However loans as a tool for business finance go back thousands of years;


2.    the world’s total debt, as measured by issued bonds, amounts to the staggering figure of 82 trillion U.S. dollars. That’s 82 followed by 12 zeros (US system) or 18 zeros if you’re using the old British definitions.  Whether it’s 12 or 18 zeros, it’s a lot of money;


3.    according to some financial experts, the total business world debt exceeds the total assets available across the entire planet.  In theory, that may sound worrying but in reality it’s not meaningful to start discussing whether or not the world owes itself money – any more than it would be to say you owe yourself money;


4.    from ancient texts, it is clear that a form of banking existed in ancient Mesopotamia.  If that doesn’t mean much to you, it takes us back around 4000-5000 years in history. Banks evolved from the need for individuals to store surplus agricultural produce in central repositories where it would be safe until it was needed;


5.    coinage arose much later than banking. At one time many coins were made of precious metal and when in use, people would illegally snip tiny pieces off the edges in order to eventually have enough to melt down and use as an ingot or similar. Although ferociously punished, including by death, the practice of clipping as it was called, continued until such time as milled edges were introduced. Of course today, other than the special editions, coins tend to be made of base metal;


6.    a recent money transfer error temporarily led to an individual becoming the richest person in the world today or who has ever lived. It resulted in the man concerned having 92 quadrillion US dollars accidentally deposited into his account – a sum greater than all the money on the planet! Sadly for him, the error was very quickly noticed and corrected;


7.    credit scoring is not a recent invention.  Centuries if not millennia ago, potential lenders were inclined to ask for references from other people relating to the good character and financial viability of the borrower concerned! 

Duel Fuel Tariffs: Price Promise April 2015

Saving money on your British Gas electricity prices is always going to be a welcome thought and with the help of duel fuel tariffs, you can combine your energy bills so that you pay for your electricity and gas in one fell swoop.

With plenty of tariffs available to suit personal requirements, as a British Gas customer, you can have a choice of various price plans so that your finances can stay in order along with your energy provision.

While variable tariffs are a popular choice with energy users and standard price plans are often chosen for their simplicity, the Price Promise April 2015 offers a fixed tariff that guarantees your monthly energy bill won’t increase for almost two years, until the 30th April 2015.

For the duration of your contract, energy prices will be fixed at 9.4% premium against the Clear & Simple tariff rates set in February 2013. Once you have signed into your agreement, this cost will not increase from the £116 duel fuel monthly cost (average) quoted at the time of approval, regardless of whether the Clear & Simple rates rise in the coming months or not.

As part of the deal, you also have the opportunity to sign up to the EnergySmart scheme, which provides you with an electricity monitor that helps to measure how much energy you’re using – an extremely useful tool to help track your usage.

It has never been more crucial to try and save money and economise with your spending. People all over the country have to be frugal in order to live comfortably. Your utilities are the first things that need to be addressed, making sure that you are paying as little as you can to help your money go further.

Take a look at the Price Promise April 2015 and the other tariffs available from British Gas and switch to a better price plan, today.