I have been lurking around the web over the last few weeks and found some really great content to share.  The goal on this blog is to share information that I would want to read.


  • 20 Things Bloggers Should Stop Doing On My Broken Coin
  • How To Spend Your Money After Graduation On Money After Graduation. Bridget is one of my favourite bloggers out there.
  • The Financial Implications of Dropping One Car On Evolving Personal Finance. One of the new blogs that I have started to follow.
  • Fun, Cheap Date Ideas On Tackling our Debt
  • How He Retired At Age 30 On Life and My Finances
  • Can People Really Afford These Luxury Cars? On Gen Y Finances
  • Options Make Financial Sacrifices Tolerable On Money Talks
  • Saving Only Hurts if You Let It on Minting Nickels





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