5 Ways to save money on Groceries.

I have a really bad habit of eating out a lot during the week. I have been trying to be conscious of spending money on food, and really trying to bring my lunches from home. This is one of the few ways to save money groceries. With the prices of everyday necessities and utilities on the increase, everyone is looking for many different routes to save money. One of the more expensive additions to anyone’s budget is their grocery list. It can be difficult to figure out how to trim money from your grocery budget, while keeping your family fed well. The good news is there are many ways one can stay within their budget and still have great family meals. We will discuss with you different tips and tricks that you can use to keep your family fed, and your wallet full.


  • Homemade meals

One of the secrets to trimming your grocery budget is to cook many homemade meals from scratch. Many stores offer many ingredients one can use for a good home cooked meal in bulk. Purchasing in bulk can help to save a ton on your grocery bill. For example by stocking up on meat such as hamburger or chicken you can save your family a lot in monthly savings by not having to purchase meat as much as normal.


  • Coupons

It’s been proven that you can save good money with coupons with the newest shows showcasing extreme couponing. However it is important to note that using a coupon on a name brand item can end up costing you more in the end even with the discount. One effective way to really save the big bucks on items you purchase more frequently is to watch the sales ads and double up with store coupons. Some stores even offer the option of using a store coupon and an ad coupon for even more savings. You can take advantage of the additional savings by stocking up on items you purchase frequently when their prices are at an all-time low.


  • Making a meal list

One proven way to save money on groceries is by making a meal list. A meal list is more than just your regular grocery list. This would be meals you want to make anywhere from a week’s time frame to one month time span. By mapping out your meals in advance you can help keep the “extras” off of your grocery list at shopping time.


  • Choose your store

A lot of stores offer a store discount card for even more added savings. Pick out stores that have a discount card, as well as major sales on items you frequently purchase. By adding store discounts from your card, coupons, and store sales you can maximize your saving potential.


As you can see the potential to save money on groceries is there. It just takes a little bit of work and practice to get into the habit of creating meal lists, using coupons, making more meals from scratch, and choosing your store wisely. You will be amazed at the amount of money you can save by just changing these few simple things into your grocery routine. You most definitely won’t be disappointed with your savings, and in time may have more money for the fun things in life.


What are you tips for saving money on groceries?