Five simple steps to increase your disposable income in 2014

2014 is already in full flow and many of us have already broken our New Year’s resolutions. But that’s fine, because it doesn’t mean you can’t try again with renewed determination. January can be one of the most stressful months of the year, especially with financial worries following the festive period’s expensive outlays. So here are five simple steps to increase your disposable income in 2014, and even beyond…

Meal planning

This is one of the best ways to save money, and reduce the amount of food that you throw out due to it passing its use by date. Make a meal plan where you only buy what you need and make life easier by being a bit more organised. Start with sticking to a weekly shop. Doing one shop a week already means that you will save money on impulse buys. We’ve all done it, go in for a loaf of bread and come out with a basket full of things we think we might need and throw half of it away by the end of the week. Make a meal plan, buy only what you need and stick to it. If you have time then make some of your meals after your shop, freeze the portions and reheat when you want them – saving you time too.


Kicking the tobacco habit

If you’re a smoker this will save you a lot of money. Switch to  e-cigarettes and e-cigarettes’, and you can save around £2,500 a year if you are a 20 a day smoker. Other options include nicotine patches, nicotine mouth spray and hypnotherapy. You also might be able to save money on your health and life insurance policy.

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Saving Money on Gluten Free Products

Gluten is wreaking havoc on a lot of people’s diet these days.  Most people think that this is a new trendy diet, and while it’s not really a new ailment, but rather one that has been plaguing people for years. While most restaurants are starting to cater to these specific dietary restrictions, the costs of eating out can add up really quickly. And let’s face it, going to out to eat or paying a lot more to have to deal with a dietary restriction is not the answer. There are ways to save money while eatting healthy, trust me.

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What is Gluten?

Gluten  is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species, including barley and rye. Gluten gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape and often gives the final product a chewy texture. Gluten may also be found in some cosmetics, hair products, and other dermatological preparations.

As living a gluten free lifestyle becomes more common, we’re getting more options for gluten free products in grocery stores, and local markets. There are tons of recipes out there that even make eating vegetables look good.

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Saving Money on Gluten Free Products

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With summer winding to an end, there is no better time to take advantage of cheap travel rates. Hotels, airlines, and other players in the travel industry are feeling the post-Summer slump and are looking for ways to encourage travel. Here are a few venues to explore when looking for some extra savings on your fall travels.


One of the industries that is hit the hardest by the close of vacation season is the cruise liners. With kids being back in school, cruises in the fall make for great couples’ getaways. Many cruise liners will drop hundreds of dollars at least from the normal fare in order to ensure a full ship. Another cheap way to get cruise fare is by booking a repositioning cruise where the liner is moving from one port to another for the change of the season usually.

Amusement Parks

If you have children another great vacation spot is somewhere known for its amusement parks. In recent years, they have been struggling and slashing prices. Additionally, fall marks a slow season for amusement parks so tickets can be acquired at a fraction of the price. If the parks are located near beaches, they typically close for the winter time so fall is the last opportunity to bring people in to the parks.

The Caribbean and Mexico

The busy season in North America and Europe for travel is fall so it is usually the case that places like Mexico and the Caribbean are hurting for tourists to come. Since this is the norm year over year, fall makes for a great time to visit a beach in Mexico or the Caribbean. History shows that vacation packages can drop as much as 60% during these times of the year. Chances are almost any tropical location that you would like to visit will offer steep discounts.

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