The Lowdown on Free Trading Tools

The average day trader has a wealth of free trading tools at his or her fingertips. Analyst aggregators, software designed to find the most prime daily movers, spreadsheets with cells and cells of market data. But there is one tool that Warrior Trading has that sets it apart from the rest of Wall Street. The daily chat room.

Let me tell you a quick story about when I started. I read all the books I could find at the library on day trading and how to do it. But I was stuck making 5 and 10 bucks a day in profits because I was always late to the big daily movers. So I missed the real profit opportunities. Then I took a chance on wandering into one of Warrior Trading’s free chat days and saw a whole new world.

That is right. There are free days where you can head on over to Warrior Trading on Stocktwits to get a taste of what really goes on with the traders. The info, tips and techniques that fly through that chat room are extremely helpful. It is one of the best trading tools out there.

Here is how it works: There are more than 2,000 regular members and on Free Chat Days, the room sees nearly 3,000 more come in to hang out. The day trading chat room is an extension of Warrior’s day trading courses. You can get to see real-world examples of the strategies that they teach.

One of the most common strategies you see in the chat room is the momentum trade. That is where Ross, the head trader at Warrior, looks for stocks that are about to head up, grab them and ride the spike for all its worth. The key to this technique? Stock scanners that really work.

Lots of amatuer traders out there end up trading momentum stocks because they don’t have the best tools. Day trader tools are essential. And the best way to understand what are the best trading tools is to see them in action.

Warrior wants to show you how to use stock scanners to find the biggest movers in real-time. One way to get a sense of what they do when they find a prime mover is to spend a free day in the chat room. It gives a real sense of what it is like to trade within the community day after day.

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