The Most Popular Ways to Stash Money

For years and years, people have stashed money just about everywhere.  Every now and then, you hear about someone who picked up an item at a garage sale and found cash inside, or even people who found buried treasure from centuries ago.  Each family and generation has had a different way to stash money, Editions TV with Terry Bradshaw has looked at the variety of ways that people have done it over time, from keeping the money at home in a safe place, to stashing it overseas to avoid the prying eyes of the IRS.  

Keeping it at Home

Believe it or not, but almost 40% of Americans still keep money hidden in their homes.  There are a lot of reasons why (usually convenience), but there still is a prevalent distrust of banks and government, especially after the financial crisis of 2007.  The Editions TV Show looks at why people still keep money at home for a variety of reasons, like the people who are unable to get a bank account, especially in border towns across the United States.  Other people are unable to get a simple checking account because they have poor credit or a history of bouncing checks. 

At home, many people still keep money under their mattresses, hidden in the closet, or even in the cookie jar.  There are entire websites devoted to ways to hide money in various household objects.  Many people also use safes to store money in their home. 

In the Bank with Editions TV

One of the most common ways that people stash money is in the bank.  Even though many Americans do hide money at home, many also have bank accounts.  An easy way to stash money at the bank is to put it in a checking or savings account.  With a checking account, you can easily access the money any time.  With a savings account, you can earn interest on your money, so it can grow over time even though it is stashed away from you. 

The great thing about saving money in a bank is that banks are FDIC insured.  Even though some people do distrust the government, nobody has ever lost FDIC insured funds since the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was setup during the Great Depression.  The whole premise of the FDIC is to give consumers confidence that their money will be safe, since the Great Depression saw many banks close and people lose their life savings. 

Invested in the Stock Market

Many people keep their cash invested in what is called Money Market funds.  These funds are very similar to a bank savings account, except that they are not FDIC insured and they are offered by investment companies.  The funds trade on the stock market just like stocks or mutual funds, except their primary assets are bonds and they attempt to keep the fund worth exactly $1.  That is how they work like a savings account.  However, these funds typically pay higher interest rates than bank savings accounts, and that is why investors sometimes prefer them.  Plus, if the investor is over the FDIC limit for insurance, some companies will take out private insurance on their money market funds just to make sure that they don’t lose value. 

The Editions Television series has looked at places to stash cash, like money market funds, and you may find it interesting to see how they work and why investors choose them. 


Finally, very wealthy investors have opted to stash their cash overseas for years.  In fact, many big companies, like Apple and Google, still do the same thing, mainly because they don’t want to pay taxes on the money.  When investors bring their cash from overseas into the United States, they are no subject to US Tax laws.  That is why many rich individuals tend to stash their cash in tax friendly places like the Caribbean and Switzerland.  Many of these places are known for their banking secrecy, as well as their ability to cater to US clients who wish to avoid US tax law.


  1. says

    I remember my grandmother keeping her cash at home. Only she would put it under her mattress. That worked fine until the house caught on fire. I say if you keep it at home only keep what you need and have that in a fireproof safe. My favorite places are to invest in stocks and cds. The bank is ok but the rates aren’t what they use to be. I hear more and more people are investing overseas(Swiss Bank) accounts.

  2. Julie says

    I think more people just don’t trust banks and also there is really a lack of education. You need your money working for you so keeping it at home isn’t helpful. I will admit you pretty much hit the top places I would think to stash money. I do know a lot of people who keep it in the safe deposit boxes at banks which I think is illegal.

  3. Wallace P says

    I usually just stash my money in the bank and my 401k to be honest. I never even think about individual stocks as I know nothing about them and find it scary. Still not as scary as people still keeping their money at home.

  4. Rachel says

    The banks have continuously let me down for years. I no longer trust them. I keep emergency cash at home and the rest in an undisclosed location. Closets, cookie jars and mattresses are too common. The stock market is too volatile for my liking so that is out. I’m quite educated about finances and money and find my way works well for me.

  5. Edith Johnson says

    Banks have really done a number on people in the past few years its no wonder more people are keeping money stock piled. But keeping it at home isn’t safe and there are other places like P2P lending that would be better.

  6. Rachel says

    Great post Justin! I think you hit on the common one that regular people would consider but P2P and other tips would be useful to hear about.

  7. Tiffany says

    Love stashing away in the stock market only thing with stocks is you need to stay updated and tuned in. Banks have horrible rates right now.

  8. Sam says

    Don’t get me started on those banks. Right now cd and other accounts are giving off pennies. Guess something is a lot better then nothing.

  9. Dave says

    Well if you going to keep it as home put it in a safe like you mentioned but make sure it can withstand the elements. Trust accounts are another place people stash money.

  10. Francesa H. says

    I guess the days of the good old piggy banks are gone. LOL I like the banks heck its better then nothing and with all the online banks there are a lot to choose from.

  11. Xavier G. says

    Stock markets and flipping homes is were I put my money. I guess its not really stashing it but I am trying to make money. For stashing I put money in cds and look to buy things like gold and diamonds.

  12. George Tames says

    Good job on the post Justin – but in times like these I think keeping the money at home is a bad option. Though I understand it is what some people will do I just don’t understand the reasoning. Just hating banks will cost them in the long run if you ask me.

  13. says

    For that, I have created a bank that would allow you to link a secondary account to a primitive in world containing a script. You add yourself (hard-coded) to a list of people able to retrieve money, you grant the script permissions, you set a limit and then every time you want some money from your stash, you visit your primitive and retrieve the money.


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