It seems that every decade or so there is a change in the trend of where the young workforce of America chooses to live. If you are in the hunt for a new place to live, you may too be wondering if the suburbs or city is best for you. Below are a few points to consider when trying to decide what part of town to live in.

Perks of living in the suburbs


1. More for your Money

Perhaps the biggest benefit of living in the suburbs versus the city is the ability to find yourself more square footage for far less money. Additionally, houses in the suburbs often come with land in addition to square footage inside your house.  This creates a lot of potential for a family as well as other hobbies or dreams that you may have for your home.

2. More Options, Less Demand

Because of the mere lack of space in most cities, your options are limited. Finding the perfect home is much more difficult when your options are limited. Not only that, but often times the homes that you will find in the city are far older than some of the new developments that come with being in the suburbs. With that being said, many of these new developments offer the chance for you to have a lot of say in the building of your home. This means that you can have a relatively custom home for a reasonable price.

3. Custom Lifestyle

The hustle and bustle of living in a large city can have quite the negative impact on your home value. Believe it or not, the chaos and excitement that makes a city what it is, is also responsible for many rental properties in close proximity. If you know anything about rentals, it’s that they bring down the value of your home. Not only that, but the sense of community that comes with living amongst renters is not quite as great as that of home owners.

With suburban living, the options that you are presented with are endless. You have enough supply to pick and choose the community that is most suited to your needs. It used to be the case that suburban living was without the convenience of city living in terms of shopping and activities. These days, almost everything that is available in the  city is also available in the suburbs.

4. Great Place to Raise a Family

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of living in the suburbs is the ease with which it takes to raising a family versus in the city. Not only are taxes lower, but schools and other municipalities are of much higher quality.

With the lower cost and ease of living in the suburbs, generally speaking it is the case that the quality of life is much better than city living. Of course there are many other factors to this but it is generally noted that people who live a high quality of life are overall friendlier and easier to get along with. At the end of the day, home is what you make of it and is dependent on what your needs are as a person. Not everyone is equal in this sense, so what works for one person may not always necessarily work for another.


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    Ummm. Yes, growing up in the country (not just the suburbs, I am talking farther out than that) since the 70’s and then moving to the city I can tell you…at least from what I have seen..there is a lot of poverty out in the country in the US. If it gets really bad… there are no soup kitchens, shelters, or services within short distance and well staffed out there. You have to be part of the community (work at it and take the time) to fit in to survive and that may be asking WAY TOO MUCH for most Americans now a days. It is not just about being a lone wolf and arriving somewhere to get a job: it is about making relationships with people who can help you and give you a hand up: a cheap place to rent, a family that can help car pool or knows a small businessman that can employ her etc.

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    Funny, but my daughter is getting married and has lived in the city for 5 years. But she is definitely going to live in the burbs for all the reasons you mention. Also, crime is and should be a factor for any family. Also, suburban schools tend to be better and in some cases truly excellent.


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