Travel on a budget – Even more you need to know!

Who doesn’t love to go on vacation? And in this day and age who wouldn’t want to have the most relaxing and luxurious time at the minimum cost? We’ve all gotten advice on how to get the cheapest airfare, the best accommodation and finest dining at the lowest price, and how to sight-see at no cost. Here are some extra tips on how to travel in style while on a budget:


  1. Make nature your traveling companion – Instead of cosmopolitan destinations consider treating yourself to a stay at a national park or natural monument. A single trip to Sports Authority can be your one time investment in camping equipment that will pay dividends for years to come. Get yourself a great tent and a comfy sleeping bag, hiking and water shoes and enjoy nights by a fire under the stars and walks in clear rivers and under majestic waterfalls.


  1. Be a road warrior – Who says that to travel you need to have a place to stay? Trail mix was made for the trailblazers! Get yourself to the wilderness you want to explore and grab a discount rental from Fox Rent a Car. Stock up on cheap and healthy road food like nuts and dried fruit, fill the trunk with drinking water and find out who you are on the open road.


  1. Treasure the memories – The pace of modern life doesn’t let most of us escape as often as we would like. But with the money you save budget traveling you can treat yourself to something that will make the entire year feel like a vacation. Document your travels in photographs, then head over to Shutterfly and make them into a keepsake you can look to all year round to remind you of the amazing adventure that you had and inspire you to budget for the next one!

Aussies beat the financial crisis and start saving again

It’s taken ten long years for the repercussions of the financial crisis to stop biting at Aussie wallets. So now that many are breathing a sigh of relief, what are Aussies doing with their new disposable income? It turns out that many are taking the sensible route and investing their hard earned cash in banks, superannuation and investment properties. Gone are the days when cash is stashed under the mattress, as recent statistics show that household bank deposits are almost 1.8 trillion dollars. Similarly, superannuation contributions last year totalled around 95 billion and a record high 23% of Australians now hold investment property.

In the same period, the demand for bank loans has decreased which suggests not only are Australians investing more, but they are being more careful with their money. So why all the saving? Research from MyBudget suggests that holidays, rainy days, and big ticket items are the three top reasons to save at the start of 2015. With around half of the people surveyed saying they are saving regularly, the future is bright for Aussie savers and their families: Check out the infographic to find out more!


Skills you need to boost your banking career in 2015


With a surge in the global economy, recruitment seems to be on the plan for most financial organisations. Recruiters however will be working harder to match skill sets more acutely in the upcoming years.

Technological advancements, globalization of the banking sector and increasing regulations have been the major influencers for hiring trends across the world. To secure rewarding banking jobs in Hong Kong or anywhere in Asia, a generic skill set or plain flexibility will not be sufficient anymore.

Honing the skills in the below mentioned areas of expertise increases the chances of boosting your banking career in 2015.

Handling the big data

IT specialists in the banking sector who are proficient in harvesting and collating big data must now learn to formulate actionable strategies using this data. Technical experts with the skill to pull of big data with maximised security will be able to give banks the competitive edge.

Risk and Compliance

Compliance and risk assessment specialists are in demand across the globe. The emergence of Asia as a prominent centre of private wealth and the insecurities poised by economic instability and political flux globally will see the areas of compliance and risk booming in 2015. Garnering sufficient knowledge and learning about various asset management techniques will help secure overseas opportunities.

Strategic Analysis and Modelling

Sifting through excel sheets is no more just enough. Banking professionals are increasingly seen as strategic leaders who can organize internal operations and productivity and at the same time keep an eye out for the newer trends and opportunities. To be a banker standing above the average competition, one must be able draw to strategic insights and offer actionable recommendations from business intelligence.

Customer Relationship Management

With an increase in the number of high end customers in private banking, a new light will be thrown on the importance of personalized customer service. Many leading research and finance based organisations including eFinancialCareers have reported an increase in the hiring for customer centric roles across Asia. An analysis of the information from these forums indicates that a sound customer service attitude is a key driver for success in the banking sector.

Unbound by time and demand, some skills like agility, linguistic skills, strong leadership skills and good communication have proved to be catalysts for a career in banking. In 2015, the collective growth of soft skills and niche expertise guarantees success in the banking sector.