Saving and Investing Advice for Young Adults


We are living in a world where success is equal to the income that you are getting every salary. For young adults living their lives to the fullest, it is better to save up while you are still free from responsibilities of being married and having children. It would be nice to know that your future family will live comfortably without worrying where you will get the money for your next meal. Knowing where your kids will study and knowing you have more than enough funds gives you a peace of mind. There are a lot of things you can invest in. you can start a new business, it can be a restaurant, a shop or anything that you can work with passion. You can also invest with a demo if you would like to earn profit without exerting too much effort.

Today we have listed down some of the things a young adult living in the twenty first century can do to invest and save for the future. Some of these things might be a practice that you are already doing but we hope that this list can help you out in managing your income from your regular job.

  1. Know where your income goes.

Now that you are earning your own income, you will realize how important it is to know that you are not exceeding your expenses. You can list down all of the things that you have to pay by budgeting all your expenses. If you can make small adjustments by lessening your cost on some of you dues, then you can save it up and before you know it, you already have enough funds to buy whatever you want to buy. Budgeting and lowering down your expenses can have a huge impression on your financial situation.

  1. Avoid using credit cards.

It is easy to swipe and spend now using your credit cards. Then you will realize how much harder it is to pay because of hidden charges and fees and interests. To save up for you future, do not rely heavily on purchasing your things using credit cards. It is sweeter to buy what you want using your hard earned cash without thinking about sparing a reasonable account for the credit card. Yes, it is convenient to use a credit card most of the time but aside from the balance, you will also be paying the interest on a preposterous rate. Instead of spending and paying your credit card dues, save money and reap what you sow in the future.

There are jobs that can pay without requiring a college or a bachelor’s degree, but you might want to consider getting a degree anyway. People with degrees on their belt tend to be preferred and considered compared to applicants who are non-degree holders. There are times that the salaries are also different. Your degree might come in handy once you are already tenured on the job that you have signed in. You may say that you cannot afford getting a degree but you can try to work it out by studying in a community degree then move to a university after 2 years.

  1. Value your money.

They say money cannot buy happiness, but it can certainly make your life more comfortable. Make sure to know what your money is worth and do not simply spend on things that you just want. Think of the long term outcome of your purchase, especially if the amount is higher than what you normally would pay. Will you be able to use the item that you bought five or ten years from now? Is the item worth the purchase? Think once, twice or even thrice before you purchase just to be sure that you will not waste your hard-earned money on an expensive purchase.

  1. Invest on stocks.

You cannot simply put your money on a bank and expect it to grow. You can put some of your income on investments like stocks. You can try binary options trading wherein you just need to choose the right stock at the right time for you to earn. With binary options, you can double your income in no time by simply knowing where and when to place your stocks for you to earn. It is simple but you need to be strategic, too. By placing your money on investments, you are sure that your savings are growing while you are enjoying your life as a single twenty-something.

  1. Know your taxes.

Since you have a nine to five job, it is expected for you know that you will be taxed even before you are handed your first salary. You need to know how much will be deducted from your net income and know how to compute your obligations and financial goals. There are several tax calculator that you can use that are available online. These websites can show you how to compute the money that you will be left with (net or take-home pay), how much of your salary goes to taxes and how much is your gross pay. This is also a preparation for you to know how to compute your annual tax return.

  1. Watch your health.

Sickness and accidents are unforeseeable, but you still need to be prepared for these situations. Your company might offer health and insurance but you still need to save up for medicines or maintenance. Keep yourself healthy by eating fruits and vegetables, exercising and avoiding vices like smoking and excessive alcohol drinking.

With all these in mind we know that your success in the near future is inevitable and living comfortably will not be a problem. By saving and investing as early as you can, your dream house, your dream car and all the things that you would like to have is just at hand. If you think we have missed a tip on the list we have mentioned above, feel free to leave them on the comments section below.


Images by fstraub812 and WerbeFabrik under Public Domains CC0


How Do I Get a Tax ID Number For My Business?

Applying for a tax ID number for your business is necessary to run a legitimate company. The process can be completed one of four ways, taking anywhere between 20 minutes to a few days. A business tax ID number is also known as an EIN or employer identification number. To begin the process, navigate the website of internal revenue services until you come across Form SS-4. A business can proceed to download this form and make one of four choices. If you are lacking a printer, travel to your local library for a free copy of the forms.

The first and most preferred option, according to the IRS is that businesses apply online for an EIN number. The application process is open to all legal US businesses within the states or surrounding territories. It is perhaps the fastest option, taking around 20 minutes and offers almost immediate approval. If the internet isn’t an option for you, the phone works too. Lines are open weekdays 7am through 10 pm. Call the IRS at 800-829-4933 to speak to a representative that will walk you through the application process. At the end of the phone call, the business owner is provided with their employer identification number.

Lengthier options include fax machines and snail mail. The IRS requests that you send your faxes to the number specific to your state and remember to provide your fax number for a response. A tax ID will be sent over to the recipient within an estimated 4 business days. The final option to obtain your business tax ID number is to process your application through the mail, the IRS will get back to you within a month with your tax ID number. Online, such as and phone are better options.

Promoting Healthy Eating to Lower Health Care Costs

When it comes to dental health you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your teeth and gums strong. While flossing and brushing are some of the best habits to get into, there are other things you can do to promote good oral hygiene. There are actually a lot of foods you should be eating to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy as well. Eating healthy is actually an easy way to keep you from having to go through expensive and painful dental work. Here are some of the best foods you can eat that help with dental health.


According to a 2013 study from General Dentistry, cheese helps raise the PH level in your mouth. The higher PH level is important because it lowers the rate and risk of tooth decay. The cheese is also thought to be good because it is chewy. The more you are chewing, the more saliva is being created in your mouth to help with maintaining a good PH balance. Cheese is of course a good food for dental health because it contains calcium and protein, which are both needed to build strong enamel.


Carrots are a great food to eat to help with dental health, especially if you eat them raw. Carrots contain a lot of fiber, and are also packed with Vitamin A. Not to mention that the crunchiness of raw carrots helps produce more saliva in your mouth. The more saliva that is being produced in your mouth, the less likely you are to end up with cavities and dental problems and the less dental insurance costs you’ll have. It is better to eat a small amount of carrots every day at the end of your regular meals because of the increased saliva benefits.

Various Leafy Greens

If you are looking for a food to really help with your dental health, leafy greens are the way to go. Leafy greens encompass many different foods such as lettuce, spinach, and kale. All leafy greens are full of various minerals and vitamins that are essential to dental and overall health. Leafy greens like spinach are high in folic acid, which can actually help treat gum disease in various groups. Calcium is also in abundance within leafy greens, and the calcium is important for keeping your tooth enamel strong.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are great for your overall dental health. This is due to the fact fermented foods contain probiotics, which are the best bacteria found in your body. We all have good and bad bacteria in our body and mouth. Probiotics are what are considered the best of the best in terms of bacteria. Probiotics have been found to decrease plaque and help fight off gum disease. Fermented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and miso are great options to eat regularly.


These are just some of the many foods that can help with dental health. Typically you can guess at which foods are good for your teeth because they are often good for other parts of your body as well.